Own vehicle fleet

With a large fleet of new cars, we can offer the best car rental solutions in Spain. Taking care of the comfort of our customers, we keep our cars in perfect condition. High quality standards are the main credo of Gowerla Rent a Car.


Guaranteed model

By booking a car on this website, you can be sure that you will receive exactly the model you have chosen. This is an exclusive option in the world of car rental from Gowerla Rent a Car.


It is profitable with us

Starting from the second booking, we give you a permanent 10% discount on your future bookings. When paying online, we return 10% after the completion of your trip to your bank card. If the order is placed in the office, we discount a 10% before the payment.


Fair price

When you rent a car with Gowerla Rent a Car, you will never come across hidden fees and tricky clauses in the rental agreement. The final price is known immediately and will not change.

In one language

We speak Russian, English and Spanish. A native speaker will work with you. Errors due to misunderstandings are excluded.

We meet on arrival

We will deliver the car right at the airport without queues and the need to go to the office. 5 minutes for registration and your unforgettable journey will begin.

SEAT Ibiza

Vehicle Year: 2022 Gearbox: Automatic Fuel usage: 5l/100km (average) Fuel type: Gasoline 95 GPS Navigator: YES

Peugeot 2008

Gasoline, Automatic, Year 2022

Mercedes Benz C220 AMG

Mini Cooper Convertible

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