Car rental at Malaga Airport


Car rental at Malaga Airport

If you want to get your rental car directly at the airport without wasting time (waiting for your turn with the operator of the rental company, time to draw up a rental contract, etc.), then you should contact GOWERLA M RENTACAR.

You will save from 30 minutes to 1 hour, and during the season the 2 hours of waiting at the counter.

Renting your car at the airport is easy, you just have to reserve it in advance.

Follow this step-by-step guide and your vehicle will be reserved in just a few minutes:

  1. – Select the option “Pick-up place” – “Málaga Airport (AGP)” in the search engine.
    The search engine is at the beginning of this page or on the main page by clicking on the company logo.
  2. – Choose the date and time of reception and return of the car.
  3. – Click on the “SEARCH” button
  4. – Choose the car you like best (available).
  5. – After choosing your car, press “RESERVE”.
  6. – In the new window, select the additional extras you need and fill in your personal details.
  7. – Read the general rental conditions and pay for your reservation.
  8. – An automatic email will be sent to the email address that you indicated, only in case when the payment has been made correctly with a link to fill in additional information of your personal data, on the basis of which the contract will be drawn up . It is MANDATORY to complete ALL the information requested in the form.
  9. – If the operator has any doubts regarding the data entered, they will contact you by email requesting their correction.

When the contract is completed in its entirety, you will receive an email confirmation that everything is fine and that we will be waiting for you at the airport.

Example of meeting plan when we receiving a client at Malaga Airport.

Before your flight, a meeting plan will be sent to you, in which the telephone number of the employee who will receive you will be indicated. The meeting plan shows where and who will meet you, your car number and where the car is.

Important: in case of a delay in your flight, send an SMS or WhatsApp to the telephone number of the employee who will receive it indicated in the meeting plan.

After meeting with a company employee, you will be escorted to your vehicle.

Check the external condition of the vehicle for scratches, dents, cracks, etc., if you find any defects, inform the employee who takes notes in the contract on the diagram of the car (if they were not previously indicated on it).

Present the employee with your original documents (Driver’s Licenses, Passports, NIE/DNI etc.), of the copies which you sent in advance to formalize the contract. The employee checks the originals with the copies, if everything is OK, put your signatures on both copies of the contract, one stays with you, the other with the employee.

If the car was reserved with basic insurance, in this case, the employee will block the excess damage amount on your debit or credit card (depending of the model of the car, this amount would be from 500 to 1,500 euros).

If the car was reserved with full coverage insurance, in this case the employee will block the amount of the deposit of 200 euros on your debit or credit card.

You will receive the car keys and a card to leave the airport parking and DONE.

Rest well on the sunny coast of the Mediterranean Sea and have a safe trip without accidents on the roads of Spain.

To return the car at the airport, you must go through the departure area (second floor of the airport) PARKING №2 (terminal 2). Our employee will meet you upon arrival. He will check the external condition of the car, record the kilometters it has traveled and the amount of fuel in the tank. The car must be returned with the same amount of fuel that it had when it was received (full). We recommend that you arrive at the airport in advance, taking into account that you must refuel the car before the airport to avoid extra expenses for not being refueled.

If everything is in order with the vehicle, the funds on your card will be released the next day. You will receive a confirmation notification of the release of blocked funds by email, with a confirmation copy of the bank receipt.

If when returning the car new damages are found (which were not present at the time of delivery), dirty interior (requiring dry cleaning), incomplete fuel tank, excess kilometters, loss of vehicle documentation, etc. The funds will be released within one month, less the amount that covers the damages caused.


Own vehicle fleet

With a large fleet of new cars, we can offer the best car rental solutions in Spain. Taking care of the comfort of our customers, we keep our cars in perfect condition. High quality standards are the main credo of Gowerla Rent a Car.


Guaranteed model

By booking a car on this website, you can be sure that you will receive exactly the model you have chosen. This is an exclusive option in the world of car rental from Gowerla Rent a Car.

It is profitable with us

Starting from the second booking, we give you a permanent 10% discount on your future bookings. When paying online, we return 10% after the completion of your trip to your bank card. If the order is placed in the office, we discount a 10% before the payment.


Fair price

When you rent a car with Gowerla Rent a Car, you will never come across hidden fees and tricky clauses in the rental agreement. The final price is known immediately and will not change.

In one language

We speak Russian, English and Spanish. A native speaker will work with you. Errors due to misunderstandings are excluded.

We meet on arrival

We will deliver the car right at the airport without queues and the need to go to the office. 5 minutes for registration and your unforgettable journey will begin.

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