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Estepona - is a city on the famous Costa del Sol. Estepona belongs to the province of Malaga, and is located 82 kilometers from its administrative center, the city of Malaga.

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According to legend, this place on the Mediterranean coast was a favorite of the horse goddess Epona. Here, on a sunny, picturesque coast, there was a ritual sanctuary dedicated to this goddess. A small settlement gradually grew up next to it.

Estepona is especially popular among wealthy Europeans looking for peace, although it is also suitable for a lively youth holiday. Several things make Estepona an attractive resort at once: a picturesque view of the city, many bars, entertainment venues, numerous boutiques of prestigious brands, comfortable climatic conditions, comfortable beaches and good tourist infrastructure.

Attractions and entertainment

As in many other cities in Spain, there are enough attractions in Estepona: these are historical monuments, museums, entertainment centers, zoos and parks..

Historical Center. The old town, which occupies the center of Estepona, looks like an ordinary provincial Andalusian village. Here, all the architecture deserves attention and deserves to be called a landmark.

The center of the Old Town is the pretty Plaza de las Flores, from which numerous narrow streets diverge in all directions: los Reyes, Sierra, Casares, Corta, San Antonio.

The sidewalks here are decorated with stone mosaics, the facades of snow-white houses are decorated with tile frescoes, and the plinths are decorated with light ceramics. On the balconies, terraces and walls of the houses there are pots and planters with flowers, and each street has its own color palette. Almost all streets of the historic center are pedestrian or with limited traffic.

Embankment Paseo Maritimo. Paseo Maritimo is a well-groomed alley with numerous flower beds, an attractive fountain, children's areas, areas for rollerblading and skateboarding, cafes and restaurants.

After 21:00, everyone who is currently in Estepona gathers here. Also, concerts are often organized here, where children and small musical groups perform. Paseo Marítimo stretches for 3 km along Playa La Rada, ending near the famous local attraction - the fishing port.

Port Deportivo. The local port is a modern marina with 447 berths. Here you can rent a yacht for walking or fishing, and it will be much cheaper than in other cities in Spain. Puerto Deportivo is also an area for walking, where there is a specific smell of the sea and coastal restaurants-cafes-bars with slightly exorbitant prices. Every day, a fish market unfolds in the port, where you can buy the freshest seafood. On Sundays, there is a street market that offers textiles, leather goods, and souvenirs.

Botanical Garden and Orchidarium. One of the most interesting sights of Estepona is the Botanical Garden with the Orchid House. The Botanical Garden covers an area of 13,000 m², where numerous paths have been laid among more than 5,000 plants. There are original vertical gardens, a lake, a high waterfall with pools.

Urban Murals. Original paintings called "murals" adorn the facades of many buildings and squares in different parts of Estepona. For the guests of the resort, a special Route of Art Murals (Ruta de Murales Artisticos) has been developed.

Important! In the tourist information center you can take a map, which shows the most outstanding frescoes. The map is regularly updated, because in Estepona there are new examples of this type of painting.

Selwo Aventure Amusement Park. Selvo Aventura is the perfect combination of a theme park and a zoo, where the ideal conditions for an active family holiday are created.

More than two hundred different species of animals live on the territory of Selwo Aventura, and the most natural living conditions are reproduced for all.

Advice! In the summer, when the heat is intense, after 13:00, most animals in the African savanna hide in the shade and sleep. Therefore, you need to arrive as early as possible, to the opening of the park, and almost immediately go on a safari. The car will lift you up to the far part of the park, where the “end” of the zoo with African animals is located: lions, zebras, giraffes. From there it will be convenient to go through the entire zoo in the opposite direction, constantly going down - this way it will turn out before the start of the siesta to be in the rainforests, where it is not so hot and the animals are still active.

On the territory of Selvo Aventura is located Selwo Lodge – this exclusive hotel can be considered a separate attraction of the park. It is formed from two thematic villages Watu and Masai, in which there are 23 comfortable bungalows, stylized as African huts.

Selwo Aventura is located 11 km from the city, at the address: Avda, s/n Autovía del Mediterráneo, A7 km 162.5 29680 Estepona, Málaga, Spain. The best way to get to the park is by renting a car.
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The Mediterranean coast, stretching along the entire Estepona for 21 km, is occupied by 17 beaches. All of them are covered with sand or sand with pebbles. The coast is clean, and entry into the water is smooth and comfortable. The only unfavorable feature of the resort is the cold currents that come here from time to time, due to which the water temperature drops for a couple of days.

By visiting Estepona and driving around its main sights in a car rented from Gowerla M Rentacar, you will gain wonderful impressions and positive emotions for the year ahead! Happy travels and safe driving on the roads of Spain.

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