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 is a beautiful Spanish city, a popular beach resort on the Costa del Sol built on the site of a former fishing village. It features clean picturesque beaches, developed infrastructure and many interesting sights, many of which date back to the Middle Ages. 

Fuengirola was founded by the Phoenicians, in the history of the city there were also Roman, Byzantine, Visigothic and Arab periods, until in 1485 the city finally passed to the Spanish crown. The development of Fuengirola was hindered by piracy, which flourished in this region for centuries. In 1841, Fuengirola spun off from Mijas, still remaining a small fishing village. Gradually, it grew and integrated neighbouring settlements into the city.
Currently, Fuengirola, considered one of the greenest cities in Spain, is one of the best resorts on the Costa del Sol. On it you can find everything you need for a pleasant and comfortable stay – good weather, warm Mediterranean Sea, picturesque beaches and a lot of entertainment. Celebrations and festivals are regularly held here, the most famous of which are the Feeria del Rosario, the International Fair of Cities and Nations, Holy Week, the night of St. Juan and the day of Our Lady of Carmen.

Attractions and entertainment

The list of important attractions of Fuengirola opens the zoo, founded in the late 90s. the last century. The territory of this small biological reserve, decorated in the style of a tropical jungle and reminiscent of the scenery for the story of Mowgli, is divided into 3 zones – “Equatorial Africa”, “Madagascar” and “Southeast Asia”.

The main task of Bioparc Fuengirola is the study of tropical forests and the breeding of rare species of animals that are at the stage of extinction.


Among the inhabitants of the biopark you can see crocodiles, lemurs, pygmy hippos, chimpanzees and meerkats, lowland gorillas and other fauna living in subtropical forests. 


The address:  Calle Camilo José Cela 6, 29640 Fuengirola.

Constitution Square, located in the heart of the Old Town, can be safely called the main symbol and one of the most visited attractions of Fuengirola. There are several significant buildings on it at once, but the Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario deserves the most attention – an ancient temple erected in honor of the patroness of the city, the Virgin of Rosario.

The universal glory of the square was brought by a long-lived ficus, with which one rather interesting story is connected. The fact is that when several years ago the city authorities decided to equip an underground car park under the forum, the overgrown roots were under threat. In another country, a tree that interfered with the construction would be cut down without looking back, but not in Spain.

Arab fortress Soyal, decorated in the Moorish style and included in the list of the main historical attractions of Fuengirola, was built in the first half of the 10th century. At that time, the main purpose of this powerful structure was to protect the navigable river that flowed into the Mediterranean Sea. Over the long years of its existence, Castle of Sohail managed to be the epicenter of several hostilities, but in the middle of the 19th century. lost its defensive value and began to decline. 

The situation changed only in 1988, when this important architectural object became the property of the city municipality and underwent a major reconstruction. Today, the Soyal fortress serves as a venue for concerts, celebrations, festivals and other cultural events.

Los Boliches area, located in the suburbs of Fuengirola, is one of the few ancient quarters that have been preserved on the Costa del Sol. The main features of Los Boliches are narrow streets, miniature houses and friendly hospitable residents. 

Here you can not only relax on the picturesque sandy beach, but also take a walk along the promenade, as well as enjoy the view of ancient sights, the most famous of which are the Virgen del Carmen Church, the Virgin Carmen sculpture, the Peseta monument and buildings of the Roman period, found in 1984 during archaeological excavations.

Street market. This area of ​​Fuengirola is a large street market located next to Los Boliches train station. As the largest outlet in Andalusia, it offers products for all tastes and budgets.
You can find everything here, from spices and farm products to clothing, souvenirs, accessories and handicrafts. The street market is open only on Tuesdays. You need to come here in the morning, otherwise you can easily get burned in the sun. Also, do not forget to bargain and keep a close eye on your wallet and other personal belongings – there are a lot of pickpockets on Fuengirola Street Market.

  On Saturdays, the famous flea market operates at the same place, which attracts sellers not only from all over Spain, but also from various European countries. Here you can buy antiques, vintage and collectible items, antiques, as well as used or simply not useful to their owners.

Paseo Maritimo Promenade, named after the King of Spain, is considered the most visited street in Fuengirola. It becomes especially lively at sunset, when numerous tourists leave the beach areas and rush to the city in search of entertainment. The length of the pedestrian zone is 7 km, the end of which is the local port. From here you can not only enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Mediterranean Sea, but also go on a sea voyage along the Costa del Sol.   

Dozens of shops, souvenir shops, open summer cafes and cozy restaurants serving local and European cuisine are installed along the entire embankment. For lovers of street food, there are special kiosks selling charcoal-grilled sardines, tapas with various fillings, seafood, pinchos and other snacks. And there are many interesting art objects here, against which the best tourist photos are obtained.

Beaches. Fuengirola attracts not only with its attractions, but also with a number of golden sandy beaches, which are the proud owners of the Blue Flag award. The total length of the coastline is at least 8 km, the approximate width of the beaches is about 40 m. Entry into the water is convenient, the sea is clean and calm, the bottom is covered with soft sand.

Each of the presented recreation areas has a developed infrastructure – there are showers, toilets, changing rooms, sun lounger rentals, bars, playgrounds, and many play areas. The list of traditional beach activities is represented by parasailing, surfing, diving, as well as water skiing and bananas. If desired, you can rent a small boat or pedalo.

How to get to Fuengirola. You can get to Fuengirola from various points in Spain, but the most convenient way to get there is from Malaga, whose airport is only 26 km from the resort. You can do this in several ways: by bus, train, taxi or rented car.

On a rented car, which can be rented at the airport of arrival. It is quite convenient, fast and inexpensive. You can book a car on the website – The convenience of renting also lies in the fact that it will be possible to go around all the surroundings of Fuengirola, visit neighbouring resorts and get into the mountains, where public transport does not go. The cities are connected by highway No. A7.

If you have reached Fuengirola by public transport or by taxi, and after a few days of rest you have a desire to get acquainted with the nearest sights, the best option is to rent a car. Call us or book a car on our website Our employees will deliver the selected car to you at the specified address. With our rental cars you will find even more entertainment for yourself. Go to neighbouring towns. 

For example, in Benalmadena there are the castles of Colomares and Bil Bil, the cable car to Mount Calamorro, the Butterfly Park, the Selvo Marina entertainment center, the Sea Life Aquarium, and the Tivoli amusement park. In Marbella, it is worth visiting the Oriental Bonsai Museum, in Torremolinos, the Aqualand water park and the crocodile farm, in Mijas, the Aquamijas water park.

A few kilometers from Fuengirola on the seashore near the highways, there is the famous lighthouse of Spain. Lighthouse Calaburras (Spanish: Faro de Calaburras) – the first aviation and sea lighthouse in Spain, was put into operation in 1863. It has a height of 25 m. It is the main lighthouse of the province, and the management of all the lighthouses of the province is also concentrated in its building. Used in maritime navigation in the direction of the Strait of Gibraltar. The beacon blinks every 20 seconds. Visible from a distance of 18 nautical miles (about 30 km).

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Happy travels and safe driving on the roads of Spain
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