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is a port town, with its ancient history and civilization, located in the South of Spain in the Costa del Sol region. The wide beaches of the Mediterranean Sea attract tourists from year to year. This region of Spain is the most visited. There are many high-rise hotels here. For a complete overview of Malaga, it is best to use the services of car rental. It’s comfortable and simple. You can make yourself a rough map for the tour and drive to attractive places. Independent travel will be much more efficient and comfortable. No need to adapt to someone, depend on someone. You will be able to see everything that is most interesting for you in 1-2 days.

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Picasso and Antonio Banderas were born in Malaga. The historical heritage of the town is rich in ancient courtyards and buildings. The settlement was founded by the Phoenicians, who reached the coast by sea (the Phoenicians are the ancient inhabitants of the state of Lebanon). The name of the area was given “Queen”, from the Hebrew word Malaka. The village was the capital of the Mauritanian state, a trading port of the Roman Empire. From here wines, almonds, silks, fish were delivered to the provinces.

The combination of ancient atmosphere and seascapes is breathtaking. The city has labyrinths of green streets – for walking, the castle – the fortress of the Alcazaba kings and the Roman Theater – for impressions. Spiritualization will bring the Church of Iglesia de Santo Cristo, and museums – archaeological and fine arts will replenish the idea of ​​​​the creativity of the Spanish people.

The main attractions of Malaga, which are definitely worth a visit during your stay

Ruins of the Roman amphitheater go back to the time of Emperor Caesar and Octavian Augustus. For centuries, the remains of the theater were underground, fragments of the theater were discovered in 1951 during the reconstruction of the local House of Culture. The theater was restored, the work was completed. You can see natural stands, stages, and an orchestra pit. During the summer there are performances. Having visited this place, you can mentally transport yourself to the era of the past and imagine, how the lower stands were filled with local nobility and high-ranking officials, and ordinary people sat higher up. Now the theater has been supplemented with an information center made in the form of a prism made of steel, glass and wood. It clearly depicts the atmosphere of ancient times, attached excerpts from archaeological finds.

Palace – fortress of Alcabaza. Towering Arabic architecture of the fortress of kings on the mountain. The area of ​​the fortress is saturated with courtyards, palm trees and bright flowers grow. Fountains bring pleasure. The fortress served as a beacon for sea travelers. The mighty wall consists of hundreds of towers. But the fortress was repeatedly destroyed by numerous wars, the double walls of the palace could not withstand the onslaught of enemies.



Now, approaching the walls of the fortress, a charming picture opens up from the hill overlooking the sea, the city and the port.

The extraordinarily beautiful Church of the Holy Martyrs (Iglesia de Los Santos Mártires) is located in Malaga on the square with the same name.

The dome of the temple is peculiar, at the altar there is an unusual image of Christ.

Malaga Cathedral of the Incarnation (Spanish: Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Encarnación). 

Located in the historical center of the city. An amazing sight opens inside the cathedral. The size of the temple, marble pulpits, two unusual organs are striking, everything is permeated with church motifs.

Bishop’s Palace. The palace is the main architectural majesty of the city. Numerous labyrinths of stairs, balconies, passages – all this in a 3-storey palace. 

This is a work of art by the architect José de Bada, after his death Antonio Ramos had to modify the building. The construction turned out to be exquisite, you can see a large investment of labor and money. Believers come here in droves, they receive inspiration from staying in the premises of the palace. Inside the Bishop’s Palace is the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art. Tourists enthusiastically react to the architecture of the building, they are surprised by the compatibility of greatness and the spiritual center.

The botanical garden is located in the northern part of the city. It is not only a collection of plants from different parts of the world, but also a collection of interesting structures. Plants here are of unprecedented beauty, the best varieties of exotic exhibits are presented. The park is over 150 years old. The creators – married couple Jorge and Amalia, made their dream come true. They traveled a lot around the world and wanted to convey to people an amazing variety of plants. The climate in Malaga made it possible to bring the idea to life. 

Later, the garden was bought by another family and continues to work on the creation of world cultures. More than 3 thousand species of plants grow in the garden, there are exhibits from China and Latin America. Artificial reservoirs amaze with living creatures: multi-colored ducks, goldfish, swans. Pleasant music constantly sounds, fountains work. In the greenery of the botanical garden, chic buildings are located – the former Villacazar palace (the current Chamber of Commerce) and the Le la Aduana palace.

An amazing building in the city is the City Hall. Art Nouveau style, the building was built in the 1920s. The famous architects Manuel Vera and Fernando Strachan worked on it.

Today, this building houses the city government. It hosts conferences and meetings. Distinguished guests and delegates from other countries must visit Malaga City Hall.



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